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Spotlight on our Provedores – Rainbow Nourishments

Here at Kith + Nosh, we are lucky enough to get to work with some really amazing local Provedores every single day!

One of our newest superstars is Anthea of Rainbow Nourishments, who has been impressing us since the very first day we met her. This gorgeous pocket-rocket makes and sells the most amazing raw, Vegan treats that you’ve ever seen (or eaten).

Beautiful and brightly coloured sweeties that are obviously made with such care and love, with an attention to detail that is phenomenal. We have come to trust that everything she delivers to us is always made with the best ingredients, that are also sustainable and ethical, something that we pride ourselves on doing as well when it comes to our food at K & N. It’s the alignment of ethos when it comes to cooking and preparing food that makes her such a perfect fit for our business. We love that our customers who may be Vegan, dairy free, sugar free or gluten-free (or a mixture of the above), can come in and pick something up, without having to worry about any potentially harmful effects.

We also adore the raw aspect of all of her treats. Raw food production ensures that essential nutrients, including macro-nutrients, haven’t been cooked out. The minute you taste one of her amazing slices or cheesecakes, you can taste every ingredient individually, and that’s really important because you know you’re putting something into body that is not only really yummy, but is also extremely beneficial … so now, you can happily have your cake and eat it too!   

Visit our Provedores page for a link to her website.


Food Adventure Friday: Queen Vic Markets

M.F.K Fisher once said ‘First we eat, then we do everything else.’ And I’ll be dammed if I ever hear anything that applies to us more. As a family, we have our differences, we don’t always agree, but if there is one thing that seems to bring us all together, it’s the pursuit of good food!

So when we first went to Melbourne a couple of years ago, naturally the first thing we all asked was ‘Where can we find great food?’ The list we were given was never ending. Restaurant after restaurant. Café after café. Hole-in-the-wall after hole-in-the-wall. It was amazingly overwhelming, we were spoilt for choice. Amongst all the suggestions, the one that seemed to reoccur the most was the Queen Victoria Markets. It soon became priority one.

And it did not disappoint!

The Queen Vic Markets are an absolute cultural hub, full of food and flavour and an atmosphere that is like nothing else. Home to the best produce in Melbourne, the marketplace is truly foodie heaven. On top of its amazing range of food and local produce, it is also home to amazing handmade products and speciality stores! You could literally take anyone there and find something that would easily entertain them.

Obviously for us the most entertaining thing of all was the food, especially the food in Deli Hall! Beautiful cheeses and meats and olives and baked goods, as far as the eye can see, in every direction. Spices and homemade jams and chutneys and just mountains of deliciousness!

I will not disclose just how much money we spent, or how much food we ate, or even how long we spent there (from dawn to dusk), but I will tell you this … What we’ve come to realise in the years since, is that a trip to Melbourne is never quite complete without an excursion to the Queen Victoria Markets. Another one to add to that foodie bucket list!


Seeing as this Sunday is Fathers Day, we thought we would put on a Fathers Day classic. For this Sunday only, we will be offering an Eggs Benedict Special! Two free range poached eggs, served on fresh spinach, 3 Mills toast and your choice of smoked salmon or bacon (or both!), dressed with our traditional house-made Hollandaise!


Eggs Benedict Photo courtesy of OutInCanberra. 

Food Adventure Friday: The Great Oyster Capade of 2013

As a family of foodies, it’s safe to say that everything we do – in one way or another – has something to do with food!

Buying it, cooking it, eating it, talking about it, taking photos of it … it’s our life!

We believe that food should be an experience, and that is very much part of our ethos here at Kith + Nosh. So we thought we would share some of our favourite food adventures with you.

When people travel, they tend to do it in patterns. They may travel from one famous landmark to the next, maybe from one cultural monument to another, from city to city or even from friend to friend. The way our family tends to travel is from one food destination to the next. We map out our meals and our snack stops, and then around that, the rest of our day.

So naturally, our trip to Japan in 2013, was no different whatsoever.

One of the most memorable places we visited whilst over there was Miyajima, a small Island in the Hiroshima Bay. Its famous for its sprawling greenery, beautiful temples and its Grand Torii gates that sit just offshore of the island. It was truly one of the most magical places we have ever been to. There is just something about standing on a beach while it’s snowing, surrounded by herds of deer, looking up at these massive, orange Torii Gates that look like they’re just floating on water, that is truly strange and surreal.

As we had already been doing for about a week and a half, when our ferry docked in Miyajima, we immediately made for the closest, most interesting looking thing to eat.

For us, and for Miyajima, that was oysters. Every which way you could imagine.

Miyajima is full of cobbled alley ways, laden with oyster cafes where the oysters are taken straight from the water and opened over hot coals right in front of you. There were so many ways to eat them, and by golly did we try to make it through all of them! Our favourites ended up being the ones served more simply, the oysters loaded with Japanese butter and soy sauce.

For those of you, like us, with a foodie bucket list, make sure to put this somewhere near the top!



Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup


Make sure you come on in and try our yummy soup this week! Spiced tomato, corn and black bean soup, topped with fried corn tortilla strips, fresh avo, coriander, natural yoghurt and lime juice.

Available from 11am today. Let us know what you think!

A Special Visit …

Last week Kith + Nosh received a special treat – a visit from a gorgeous Braddon local, Hungarian cook Irén Kurek, who grew up in Budapest and moved to Australia in 1957. Iréns book ‘Lifting the Lid off the Goulash’ is a beautifully written cook book, which is more of an ode to her mother, who taught her many secrets of traditional Hungarian food.


Irén reminded us that her beloved spice Paprika forms the foundation of many Hungarian dishes and should not be overlooked as a health food with many benefits, as Paprika is a power house full of Vitamin C.

As quoted in her book, her aim has always been ‘To keep alive this approach to food and cooking – the joy of gathering fresh food that each season brings, the loving preparation that goes into creating a dish and the pleasure of sharing our table with others.’

Some of the beautifully written recipes that her mother gifted her are, Goulash with Nokedli (tiny dumplings), Vienna Schnitzel, Tőltőtt Paprika (Stuffed Capsicum) and of course Strudels with many fillings including apple, sour cherry, cottage cheese and poppy seed.

Thank you so much Irén for coming in and speaking to us, it was a delight to meet you and it made our day!