Spotlight on our Provedores – Rainbow Nourishments

Here at Kith + Nosh, we are lucky enough to get to work with some really amazing local Provedores every single day!

One of our newest superstars is Anthea of Rainbow Nourishments, who has been impressing us since the very first day we met her. This gorgeous pocket-rocket makes and sells the most amazing raw, Vegan treats that you’ve ever seen (or eaten).

Beautiful and brightly coloured sweeties that are obviously made with such care and love, with an attention to detail that is phenomenal. We have come to trust that everything she delivers to us is always made with the best ingredients, that are also sustainable and ethical, something that we pride ourselves on doing as well when it comes to our food at K & N. It’s the alignment of ethos when it comes to cooking and preparing food that makes her such a perfect fit for our business. We love that our customers who may be Vegan, dairy free, sugar free or gluten-free (or a mixture of the above), can come in and pick something up, without having to worry about any potentially harmful effects.

We also adore the raw aspect of all of her treats. Raw food production ensures that essential nutrients, including macro-nutrients, haven’t been cooked out. The minute you taste one of her amazing slices or cheesecakes, you can taste every ingredient individually, and that’s really important because you know you’re putting something into body that is not only really yummy, but is also extremely beneficial … so now, you can happily have your cake and eat it too!   

Visit our Provedores page for a link to her website.


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