A Special Visit …

Last week Kith + Nosh received a special treat – a visit from a gorgeous Braddon local, Hungarian cook Irén Kurek, who grew up in Budapest and moved to Australia in 1957. Iréns book ‘Lifting the Lid off the Goulash’ is a beautifully written cook book, which is more of an ode to her mother, who taught her many secrets of traditional Hungarian food.


Irén reminded us that her beloved spice Paprika forms the foundation of many Hungarian dishes and should not be overlooked as a health food with many benefits, as Paprika is a power house full of Vitamin C.

As quoted in her book, her aim has always been ‘To keep alive this approach to food and cooking – the joy of gathering fresh food that each season brings, the loving preparation that goes into creating a dish and the pleasure of sharing our table with others.’

Some of the beautifully written recipes that her mother gifted her are, Goulash with Nokedli (tiny dumplings), Vienna Schnitzel, Tőltőtt Paprika (Stuffed Capsicum) and of course Strudels with many fillings including apple, sour cherry, cottage cheese and poppy seed.

Thank you so much Irén for coming in and speaking to us, it was a delight to meet you and it made our day!

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